Relive the classics.

Do you remember the classic scene of Chandler and Joey trying their best not to leave the lounge chair? How comfortable is this recliner called the "national sofa" of the United States? Let Chandler and Joey both want to live on it.

Time goes back to 1996. A lounge chair made by Barcalounger. With the popular sitcom "Friends" into people's field of vision. In the play, Joey's role in "Our Days" was a big success. With the money, Joey bought a large-screen TV and two leather recliners with his pay. This made him and Chandler stick to the couch and watch TV for two days without ever getting up. Then these lounge chairs are often used as plot devices in the show.

Is the recliner really that comfortable?

The answer is yes. An excellent recliner can give you a sense of belonging. Imagine ending a long day of work. After returning home, adjust the recliner to the most comfortable angle to lie down. Whether it's watching TV or taking a nap. The whole body and mind can reach a state of relaxation and pleasure.

If you have a lounge chair. It will become your favorite place to read, watch TV or relax. Besides home use, it is also suitable for offices and commercial places. For example, high-end beauty clubs and barbershops. The recliner can relax people's rigid muscles.Thereby improving sleep and reaching the highest energy level.

How to get a good recliner?

Choose a recliner that suits you. It depends on the size, material, and comfort of the recliner. Let's start with the size of the recliner. First of all, we need to clarify the area where the recliner is placed. And reserve a place for the recliner. Then choose a recliner of the right size according to our height and weight.

The second is the material of the recliner. Most of the common lounge chairs on the market use leather, fabric, and velvet fabrics. The recliner made of leather is breathable, comfortable, and durable. Compared with fabrics and velvet fabrics, leather materials are easier to clean. The disadvantage of leather materials is that they need regular maintenance. Too much dryness or humidity will speed up the aging of the leather.

From the visual effect point of view. Both high-end leather and high-end fabrics have their own fans. But in general, fabrics can reflect more complex colors. Realize stripes and grids. Matte suede and matte leather are also completely different textures.

Velvet is different from leather and fabrics. It uses pile warp threads to form pile loops or piles on the surface of the fabric. The soft and delicate velvet gives a feeling of luxury and elegance. At the same time, it also has very good skin affinity. Will not irritate our skin.

Based on the above analysis. You can find a recliner that suits you.

Where can I buy high-quality recliners?

Fabric recliner

A recliner made of a sturdy eucalyptus frame. The foam fills the entire seat and backrest. Bring you a comfortable experience. This recliner also provides two tiltable angles, 110 degrees, and 145 degrees. You can adjust the angle that best suits you according to your personal preference.
This new recliner has been modeled, hand-made, and tested by a computer. Improved the recliner cushion and seat cushion. Make the structure of the recliner more ergonomic. Meet people's long-term use needs.

Velvet lounge chair

This eye-catching blue lounge chair is made of velvet fabric. The bottom design of the recliner is a 360° rotating metal steel frame. Provide stable and strong support for the recliner. The backrest design is 150 degrees adjustable tilt.

This modern recliner is not only suitable for family use. It is also suitable for commercial places such as barbershops and beauty salons. Comfortable lounge chairs bring a new experience to your customers.

Modular sofa with recliner

This reclining sofa combines modern style and comfort. The comfortable backrest and pillow-type armrests provide you with a good leisure environment.
There are recliners on both sides of the sofa. The recliner section extends from the seat to the foot cushion. Fits the body without any gaps. Bring you the ultimate enjoyment.
The most attractive detail of the modular sofa is the design of the cup holder and storage box. The large upholstered seat and backrest provide comfort. It is the perfect choice for home theater.

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September 23, 2021 — Iris Fang

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