How to get the same recliner of Chandler and Joey in the TV series "Friends"?

How to get the same recliner of Chandler and Joey in the TV series "Friends"?

Relive the classics.

Do you remember the classic scene of Chandler and Joey trying their best not to leave the lounge chair? How comfortable is this recliner called the "national sofa" of the United States? Let Chandler and Joey both want to live on it.

Time goes back to 1996. A lounge chair made by Barcalounger. With the popular sitcom "Friends" into people's field of vision. In the play, Joey's role in "Our Days" was a big success. With the money, Joey bought a large-screen TV and two leather recliners with his pay. This made him and Chandler stick to the couch and watch TV for two days without ever getting up. Then these lounge chairs are often used as plot devices in the show.

Is the recliner really that comfortable?

The answer is yes. An excellent recliner can give you a sense of belonging. Imagine ending a long day of work. After returning home, adjust the recliner to the most comfortable angle to lie down. Whether it's watching TV or taking a nap. The whole body and mind can reach a state of relaxation and pleasure.

If you have a lounge chair. It will become your favorite place to read, watch TV or relax. Besides home use, it is also suitable for offices and commercial places. For example, high-end beauty clubs and barbershops. The recliner can relax people's rigid muscles.Thereby improving sleep and reaching the highest energy level.

How to get a good recliner?

Choose a recliner that suits you. It depends on the size, material, and comfort of the recliner. Let's start with the size of the recliner. First of all, we need to clarify the area where the recliner is placed. And reserve a place for the recliner. Then choose a recliner of the right size according to our height and weight.

The second is the material of the recliner. Most of the common lounge chairs on the market use leather, fabric, and velvet fabrics. The recliner made of leather is breathable, comfortable, and durable. Compared with fabrics and velvet fabrics, leather materials are easier to clean. The disadvantage of leather materials is that they need regular maintenance. Too much dryness or humidity will speed up the aging of the leather.

From the visual effect point of view. Both high-end leather and high-end fabrics have their own fans. But in general, fabrics can reflect more complex colors. Realize stripes and grids. Matte suede and matte leather are also completely different textures.

Velvet is different from leather and fabrics. It uses pile warp threads to form pile loops or piles on the surface of the fabric. The soft and delicate velvet gives a feeling of luxury and elegance. At the same time, it also has very good skin affinity. Will not irritate our skin.

Based on the above analysis. You can find a recliner that suits you.

Where can I buy high-quality recliners?

Fabric recliner

A recliner made of a sturdy eucalyptus frame. The foam fills the entire seat and backrest. Bring you a comfortable experience. This recliner also provides two tiltable angles, 110 degrees, and 145 degrees. You can adjust the angle that best suits you according to your personal preference.
This new recliner has been modeled, hand-made, and tested by a computer. Improved the recliner cushion and seat cushion. Make the structure of the recliner more ergonomic. Meet people's long-term use needs.

Velvet lounge chair

This eye-catching blue lounge chair is made of velvet fabric. The bottom design of the recliner is a 360° rotating metal steel frame. Provide stable and strong support for the recliner. The backrest design is 150 degrees adjustable tilt.

This modern recliner is not only suitable for family use. It is also suitable for commercial places such as barbershops and beauty salons. Comfortable lounge chairs bring a new experience to your customers.

Modular sofa with recliner

This reclining sofa combines modern style and comfort. The comfortable backrest and pillow-type armrests provide you with a good leisure environment.
There are recliners on both sides of the sofa. The recliner section extends from the seat to the foot cushion. Fits the body without any gaps. Bring you the ultimate enjoyment.
The most attractive detail of the modular sofa is the design of the cup holder and storage box. The large upholstered seat and backrest provide comfort. It is the perfect choice for home theater.

The next blog post will share the items worth buying for Black Five Furniture in 2021.

This blog hopes to give some reference to friends who plan to buy recliners. The next blog will share the furniture that is worth buying on Black Friday. Want to know more information. Please follow us on Instagram.
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living room sofa

How to choose a perfect living room sofa

 Like every thing else in this age of endless option, there appear to be infinite alternatives in regards to deciding upon a living room sofa. You may think you understand precisely what you need, but as soon as you walk into a store or browse pictures on the internet, the fashions, shapes, and also personalization choices can get overwhelming. Save yourself the time, money, and possible buyer's guilt and use these hints to find a very clear idea about what you need (and everything you want) Before you begin the hunt.

Consider Size and Form

In case you've got a larger living space, you will want to decide precisely how much of this living room you desire your sofa to fill. Would you need to add different sofas or chairs? Do you desire a java table? If that's the case, a simple couch, or one having a small L-shape is most likely the ideal fit. If you're trying to find a couch that'll be the focus of your living space, start looking to get rounder sofa shapes which take a little more space and supply a good deal of chairs.

If watching tv is ingrained in your daily routine, clearly, placing your new couch facing this TV is the best place.

In case you've got a little living space, chances are you are going to need a bigger sofa.

Scope also issues. The dimensions of your sofa can be set by how big your area (a smaller area might demand a fundamental two or three-seater that is still fashionable and practical ). Bigger rooms can produce a feeling of branch with a huge sectional. 

Match the Way You Live

How can your new buy fit in your life? Are you attracted to a conventional, rugged couch made from durable materials? Or maybe you're thinking about a trendier bit, such as a sectional in a bright shade or a gaudy, patterned cloth.

If your design is sleek and contemporary, select something which reflects that in clean lines and striking colors. 

If your house is an eclectic mixture of colors and layouts, a sofa that unites several styles (for instance, a classic couch re-upholstered at a vibrant cloth, or a modern shape with traditional colors ) may be the perfect reflection of your own taste.

If your appearance is slightly bit more conventional, a classically structured couch in a neutral and durable fabric will endure the test of time and will work nicely with numerous colors and matching pieces.

When you have kids or pets, the colour white could be a no-go. European classic fashions are fantastic for the world traveller, with intricate stone and ground carvings. A California casual layout can mould seamlessly into everyday life, using strong, easy-to-clean cloths which could resist some little pleasure, wear, and tear. 

Consider Upholstery

Premium excellent upholstery demands meticulous craftsmanship and a higher focus on detail. Our producers build their couches from the interior.

Which will be most suitable for you? Cosmetic is vital, but performance is crucial when it comes to deciding on a material to your couch. A whole lot people that would like to indulge at a lavish, white duvet couch -- they are so stunning, but so harmful. Suede may be a bad choice if you have pets or tiny children who'll cause some severe harm.

Leather -- especially in darker colors -- is always in fashion, generally wears nicely with age, and may be rather simple to wash.

Solid wood frames, High quality foam cushions, that will offer additional comfort and support, Precision-cut patterns, Luxuriously padded arm edges 

Another option is to decide to have your sofa upholstered in an exterior cloth. Many businesses now take Sunbrella fabrics, which withstand stains, fading and water from sunlight. Many outdoor furniture firms have outdoor sofas and love seats which are so straightforward and timeless in design they might readily be used inside.

Choose the right color

Bright, published, or impartial? Re-upholstering furniture is getting a relatively inexpensive alternative for anybody who wishes to customize a piece of furniture.

The best-selling color of the sofa

  1. Gray

The proportion of gray sofas in home cases is estimated to be higher than 50%. It can be said that it is a versatile choice with almost no mistakes. It's neutral, it's fickle, and not aggressive. If you can't choose the color, you can choose gray. If it feels too dull, you can decorate it with brightly colored pillows, vases, lamps, etc.

  1. Blue

The proportion of blue fabric sofas is also relatively high. It appears in American, modern, and Nordic styles. Generally, it is blue with relatively low saturation, with a little gray. Compared with gray, the personality should be brighter. With a gray background, it can better reflect the charm of the main character.

  1. Coffee

Color Brown is common on leather sofas, with light coffee and dark colors, and sometimes orange. Different shades have different flavors. Due to the material, the leather sofa itself has a certain sense of high-level. Dark coffee color is more common in traditional American furniture, such as American rivet leather sofas, which can easily create overall style characteristics with American furniture. In addition to the above-mentioned common color sofas, there are actually many other colors to choose from. If used well, it will be full of charm. However, due to the difficulty of matching and other reasons, relatively few families choose. Less doesn't mean it's not good-looking, but it's personality.

  1. Black

Although black is also versatile in color, it will make the environment look dark, so it is actually less used in large areas in the home, and black sofas are used less.

  1. White

White is definitely a leather sofa, because if it is a fabric sofa, cleaning will be a big problem in the future. Although white can be regarded as a versatile color, white is the most popular color choice for cabinet doors and wooden doors, but it is not popular in the choice of sofa color. Probably the main consideration is cleaning.

6.yellow, green, pink

For applications like this yellow, green, and pink sofa, not only there is no sense of disobedience, but on the contrary, it has a distinct personality and style. Sometimes I think that if I have the ability, I should live out myself and be different.

The matching principle of sofa color

Principle 1:

Determine the main color The sofa is the main furniture of the living room. You can choose which color you like. The key depends on the main color of the whole living room. Major premise principle: the color of the sofa is determined according to the overall tone of the living room. Don't buy a sofa before the overall color of the living room is determined.

 Note: Before the three large-area color blocks of wall, floor, and curtains are determined, the color of the sofa is not easy to choose. Because the color of the sofa is determined according to these spaces and objects.

Principle 2:

No more than three colors The living room sofas, walls, floors, and curtains are all relatively large. If they are all different colors, the entire space will appear messy and there is no sense of unity.

 Note: The color of the sofa should be determined according to the overall color. At the same time, the principle of not allowing more than three colors in the entire living room to ensure the same color in the living room.

Principle 3:

Set the color according to the wall determine the overall hue and observe the principle of no more than three colors. The best way is to set the color according to the wall. The simplest way to set the color according to the wall is: the color matching principle of light wall, middle ground and deep furniture.

Principle 4:

The same color as the curtain In addition to setting the color according to the wall, it can also be set according to the color of the curtains. If the wall color is white and you don't want a versatile color, you can use the same color as the curtains. In this way, the living room has a similar color and maintains the unity.

When deciding the color of the sofa according to the color of the curtains, it is also necessary to observe the above-mentioned principle: no more than three colors in the same space. This principle should be appropriately matched to indoor accessories, and the overall color should be consistent. For example, the color of pillows and carpets should be matched.

sofa bed

How to choose a sofa bed meets your request?

Perhaps you need your living space to also function as a location for visitors to remain, or perhaps you would like a couch that could work as your bed.

BSHT.INC Sofa bed can be used as a sofa to play games and watch TV on it, it can also be used as a bed to sleep comfortably on it. Today we will talk about how to choose a sofa bed that suits your room.


where do you put the sofa bed?

The sofa bed is placed in different room in the house, so when buying, the principles to be based on are different. If it is placed in the living room, then choose a sofa bed with good-looking appearance, practical and sturdy colors; if it is to be used for a long time, then it is necessary to choose a sofa bed with high comfort and high quality; if it is placed in the study room for a short time, then there is no need pay attention to the appearance too much, just use it. In short, before buying a sofa bed, you need to determine where do you put it and how do you use it.

Purchase criteria.

  1. Frame:

This is the hardware of the sofa bed. Wood frames are used for sofa beds, but because wood frames are inferior to steel frames in terms of load-bearing and service life, some big brand manufacturers will choose steel frames when manufacturing sofa beds. When selecting, it is necessary to observe whether the joints of the frame are smooth without too many gaps. If it is a metal material, also observe whether its coating is uniform and soft. In order to test the robustness of the frame, you can hold the sofa bed with both hands and shake it forwards, backwards, left and right. If the frame is still stable and there is no noise during the violent shaking, the frame is said to be firm and you can consider buying it.


  1. Spring:

A sofa bed with better elasticity will be the same as a box spring, with springs added to the bottom of the bed. Generally speaking, a sofa bed with plastic frame and foam as the main material has poor bearing capacity and is prone to deformation. Therefore, it is best not to choose a sofa bed with moderate hardness and balanced elasticity. When shopping, you can lie down on the sofa bed and change your posture continuously to feel comfortable. In addition, there is no sound when a good spring is supporting the weight. If you find that the spring bed makes a sound during the trial lying back and forth, it is better to give up.

  1. Joints:

The so-called joints refer to the stacking cards that need to be opened when the sofa becomes a bed or the slide is pulled out. Some sofa beds are even equipped with pulleys at the bottom of the bed to facilitate people's frequent movement. These movable "joints" are an important part of the sofa bed, which can be used as a sofa rest and bed sleep. If the joints are not done well, it will directly affect the final using experience. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, you can spread or fold the sofa bed, and feel whether it will become stuck when the angle changes. If not, it means that the quality of the sofa bed is acceptable, otherwise it is a poor quality sofa bed.


  1. Fabric:

Because the fabric of each is different, the final using experience is also different. Generally speaking, the fabric of the sofa bed is usually made of cloth, which should be thick and wear-resistant and not easy to pilling. There are also some manufacturers that do some anti-fouling treatments on the surface of the fabric to make the sofa bed antistatic and flame retardant. Some large manufacturers will choose to use leather materials because the leather fabric is tough, durable and durable.

Second, comfort and health. The leather fabric is breathable, not sultry, and has an excellent touch and outstanding delicateness. Price: The sofa beds currently on the market have very different prices due to different production processes, different fabrics, and different lengths. There are 300, 500, 800, and thousands. With different prices, there will be obvious differences in the experience of using. In the end, how to choose and buy a suitable one depends on your actual situation. Generally speaking, if you don't use it often or your budget is a little low, you can choose a cheap sofa bed; if you use it everyday or your budget is large enough, you can try to buy a higher level one.


5. Size:

Sofa beds come in a couple of distinct sizes, which means you need to spend some time selecting the best one for your house. When calculating the size, many people often only count the size of the sofa bed. They do not know that many sofa beds cannot be placed on the wall, and some may need to be 5 cm away from the wall. Also think about how much space you've got for the couch. In case you have loads of space for this, you are able to go with a typical sleeper sofa which includes three cushions around. These generally pull into Queen-size beds, offering sufficient space for a couple of adults to sleep.

If you are pushed for space in your house, do not worry. It's still possible to receive a sleeper couch, but you may need to stay with a loveseat or bench which unfolds to a twin mattress.


  1. Appearance:

It's wise to look at the design. You may keep it easy and simple, or you may opt for much more elaborate details -- like tapered thighs and tufted backs. Just think about what best fits your home's current fashion.

This mainly depends on the fabric, armrests and legs of the sofa bed. Fabric, choose the breathable and comfortable ones you like; armrests, choose sturdy, durable and practical one; sofa legs, choose the thicker, strong bearing capacity one, the most important thing is to have some height from the ground, if the sofa legs are low, when cleaning there may be dead corners that cannot be completely cleaned.

Think about the color as you store, making certain that you select a color that matches the remainder of the furniture inside the room. Fortunately, couch beds arrive in almost all colors, from neutrals such as beige or gray to bright colors which produce a statement--like orange or turquoise.

Wayfair (W) Q4 Loss Wider Than Anticipated, Revenues Miss

Wayfair (W) Q4 Loss Wider Than Anticipated, Revenues Miss

Wayfair Inc. W reported non-GAAP loss of $2.80 per share in fourth-quarter 2019, wider than the Zacks Consensus Estimate of a loss of $2.65.
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