Youthful Accents

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Kids Room Décor and Teen Room Décor

Celebrate your child’s passions, personality and dreams with kids and teens room décor.

Kids and teens tend to love color, so when styling a teen or kids bedroom, look for bright hues – and lots of them! To prevent a loud or chaotic color scheme, though, keep the bed, dresser and walls in a neutral and incorporate color in the accents; fun multi-color rugs, lamps and art will pop against a classic white or beige canvas.

Remember, too, to consider the overall color temperature you want your child’s room to reflect. A main palette of reds, oranges and yellows will create an energizing space perfect for boosting creativity and imagination, while blues, greens and purples will keep a relaxed and totally calm ambience. 

Kids Décor

Give your child a space she will love by matching her personality! Fun pops of color and zany silhouettes mixed with classic designs deliver a joyful flair that won’t go out of style.

Teen Décor

Make your teen’s bedroom uniquely hers by incorporating her interests, encouraging her passions and refining her style through décor! Whether it’s a throw pillow in her favorite color or an inspirational painting, the perfect teen bedroom accents will bring a unique twist to classic designs.

Kids Wall Art

A big blank wall can drown out a room’s style faster than you can say kids wall art; with a few whimsical paintings and photographs, however, even the most glaring of walls can open up any space and lighten up any ambience.

Kids Framed Art

While a collage of kids wall art can brighten up any room on its own, a collage of kids framed wall art takes things up a notch! Whether thin, bold, sleek or rustic, the right frame can bring depth, contrast and definition to any artistic display.

Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are a lot like kids themselves – a little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun! From nautical colors to vintage patterns, the perfect kids rug will add class and comfort to your child’s room.

Kids Pillows

With such vibrant colors and charming designs, there’s simply no such thing as too many kids pillows! Throw them on your child’s chair, bed or ottoman for a fun pop of style your child will love.

Kids Lamps

Place a couple kids lamps featuring stunning silhouettes and whimsical colors in your child’s room for a unique twist on a classic staple.