Tips For A Successful Delivery

Prior to delivery

  • BSHTI offers four delivery options: Full Service, Indoor Drop Off, Outdoor Drop Off and Dropship. See our website for additional information about each method.
  • Use the “Measuring For Delivery” guide to verify your purchase will fit through doors, stairways, hallways, corners, and in the room. You may be asked to sign a waiver at time of delivery.
  • Guests purchasing for apartments, town houses, or small spaces require additional measurements to verify and ensure a successful delivery. See the "Measuring For Delivery" guide for more details.
  • Special requirements for delivery such as a small truck, gate codes, specific hours of access, building insurance, freight elevator access, etc. must be noted for delivery. Please inform us if you have special requirements.
  • Waiting for your new home or building access? Your order has been placed on an “Estimated Delivery” date. Once you receive keys please call BSHTI to confirm the delivery date. You can postpone delivery up to 30 days from the point of purchase.
  • Items on order? You will be contacted by text or email to advise you of your item’s arrival. You can schedule your own delivery date by visiting
  • You will be contacted by text and email beginning 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery to remind you of the delivery date and provide you with a 3 hour window. This is a courtesy reminder.

Need to change delivery?

  • Delivery changes can be made online by visiting or by calling BSHTI – 1-38-287-65443.
  • Changes can be made up to 48 hours prior to DELIVERY for items delivered to Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas. Changes for outside areas can be made up to 48 hours after PURCHASE.

The day of delivery

  • Track your purchases while on route at
  • The area and walkways must be clear of existing furniture and obstacles. The delivery team will not move existing furniture.
  • An individual 18 years or older must be on premise for the entire 3 hour delivery window.

Measuring for delivery

We want to ensure your new furniture is delivered successfully. Here is some important measurement and obstruction information you should consider before you purchase your furniture and have it delivered:

Quick fit questions

  • Can our delivery truck fit down your road?
  • Will the furniture fit through all doorways?
  • Will your hallway size allow our team to fit through with product?
  • Will the furniture fit up your stairway?
  • Is your room ready for the product?

What Measurements are Needed

  • Exterior & Front doorway height
  • Exterior & front doorway width and clearance to opposite wall
  • Staircase corner width and clearance to opposite wall upstairs (if curved)
  • Low-hanging light fixtures
  • Interior doorway width and clearance to opposite wall
  • Stairwell overhang/ceiling height
  • For apartments buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator’s interior height and width, as well as the height of the doorway into the elevator.
  • When your apartment, condo, or home is located on the second floor or higher please make sure each piece measures less than 88” in width or 96” diagonally, or it may not fit through your entry.

Typical Apartment Entrance is 48" Wide

entrance is 48 inch wide
entrance is 48 inch wide
entrance is 48 inch wide

How we measure our furniture

We measure furniture by depth, width, and height.

entrance is 48 inch wide
entrance is 48 inch wide
entrance is 48 inch wide