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9 Gorgeous Accent Table Décor Ideas

Got the accent table blues? You’ve come to the right place. Step up your style game with these gorgeous accent table décor ideas!

Decor Tip #1: The Accent Table as Coffee Table

Swapping out a coffee table for an accent or end table makes a bold splash on its own, so minimalist tabletop décor is all you need for a hint of definition.
accent table decor tip 1
accent table decor tip 2

Decor Tip #2: Sparkle + Shine

All eyes will be drawn to accent tables in radiant finishes.

accent table decor tip 3

Decor Tip #3: Coastal Vibes

For beachy-chic at its most elegant, opt for a combination of natural textures and bright neutrals, like the white wood combo (pictured above).

accent table decor tip 6

Decor Tip #4: Fresh Florals

Brighten up dark metals and sweeten the air with a pale rose (or 12!).

accent table decor tip 4

Decor Tip #5: Tea for Two

Display a dainty tea set for a country-cottage flair.

accent table decor tip 5

Decor Tip #6: Boho-Chic

Eclectic décor, contemporary silhouettes and a breezy brown finish – this woodsy accent table has it all!

accent table decor tip 7

Decor Tip #7: A Novel Idea

Refine your space with literary style – and keep your favorite volumes within reach – with an accent table with shelves.

accent table decor tip 8

Decor Tip #8: French Connection

Above, the calming grey shade of paint, exposed brick wall and distressed silver vase all come together to create a rustic-chic ambiance – without overpowering the French-inspired details of the table itself.

Decor Tip #9: The Accent Table as Nightstand

When used in place of a traditional nightstand, an accent table or end table offers a minimalist chic vibe that will save you space. Top it off with a bold reading lamp for practical light – and height – and a miniature succulent for a hint of color.
accent table decor tip 9