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Colección: Living Room Seating

Living Room Seating Collection

The largest piece of furniture you will own, the living room seat is the first thing people see when they enter a living room. It provides comfort and timeless style and can effortlessly pull together a living room and instantly turn a house into a home. Our collection includes styles, colors, materials and sizes to match your design needs. All pieces are made with quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Features and Types of Living Room Seating

Our living room seating generally seats about three people and are the perfect way to bring comfort and style to your home. Each piece is designed with durable materials, such as hardwood frames, grain leather and down cushions.

Wider, L-shaped or curved designs allows maximum seating in a streamlined design. Many of our designs are crafted to seat about six people. With features like chaises and headrests, lounging and relaxing on the couch has never been easier.

Each item in our collection has been uniquely crafted with quality and style. Designs include:

  • Loveseats: Seats two to three people, while maintaining a sleek size friendly to small spaces.
  • Ottomans: A companion to living room seating designed to act as a foot rest (or coffee table).
  • Futons: A convertible design meant for both sitting and sleeping.
  • Reclining seating: Equipped with power-operated reclining backrests for custom lounging.
  • Chaises: Lengthened ends of seats, also called 'lounges.'
  • Sleepers: Hidden built-in mattresses that can be pulled out in a three-step manual process.

The right living room seating should reflect your style as well as provide an easy place to relax for years to come. When choosing one, pay attention to size.

Even if you're working with a loveseat, think strategically. Strategic placement can open up any living room. A design that lines the corner of a room can draw attention to the middle of the room, as can a couch parallel to one wall. When styling, balance is key. If the dimensions are shorter than the length of the wall, try placing it in the center of the wall and offsetting the difference with two smaller pieces on each side (like side tables).

Style Considerations

Your new design should complement the rest of the room’s décor. If stylistically you lean modern, consider a plush yet sleek leather sectional with a tight back. For a more traditional look, choose a fabric design with loose cushions and a cozy feel.

Choosing a Color for Living Room Seating

After you have measured your space (and know exactly which size living room seating is best for you) and chosen a style, consider color. Look for earthy tones – such as beige, brown and grey – to accentuate a more natural-hued room. For a more playful look or statement piece choose a bolder color, such as one within the red or blue color family.

Browse our selection of living room seating and find the perfect couch to bring style and comfort to your home.

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