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Living Room Chair

Thanks to a variety of living room chair designs, sitting back and relaxing – in style – has never been easier.

Types and Styles

The terms ‘accent chair’ and ‘sofa chair’ are often used interchangeably – even though they denote different meanings. Here’s the exact difference between the two:

  • Single Chair: A single chair for any living room, bedroom or home office chair (living room chairs don't have to be used just in the living room), used to add style to a room. These chairs can include certain types of sofa chairs.
  • Large Chair: A large chair is a type of chair that is designed as a “smaller” version of a regular sofa and primarily for comfort. These chairs often come with plush cushioning and wider seating areas.

Features of Living Room Chairs

Under the definitions of living room chairs, there are a few different subtypes. Here are the main features that separate certain styles from the rest:

  • Deep button tufting
  • Roll arms
  • Tapered legs
  • No arms
  • High backs
  • Cutout arms
  • Adjustable levelers

When choosing an accent for your space, look for features that match its overall style, color and texture. Thanks to its luxurious details, a rich brown chair with plush roll arms and deep button tufting has ‘traditional’ written all over it – and so would not blend well in a room with bold colors, geometric patterns and other characteristics of a more modern feel. On the other hand, in the same room a chair with tapered legs, a flared back and a sleek ‘cutout’ silhouette would fit in perfectly – while adding a mid-century punch.

Styling with Living Room Chairs

Together, living room chairs are the epitome of comfort and style – and bring out the fun in home decorating. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect spot for your perfect chair!

  • Clear out a corner. Instead of squeezing your new chair in a tight space, where it’s sure to get lost and go unnoticed, clear out a defined corner. Rearrange furniture so that nothing blocks the chair from view; if necessary, take the opportunity to toss out any pieces that aren’t serving an obvious function.
  • Think in terms of symmetry. The more balanced a room feels, the more complete will it also. If you have the space, style two of the same chairs in opposite ends of a room (or sofa).
  • Contrast and Define. Like symmetry, contrast and definition (and the lack thereof) have the power to influence the entire dynamic of a space. But while a colorful chair next to a neutral sofa makes it easy to carry out this design rule of thumb, it’s not the only way; while the chair can and should be used as contrast and definition in and of itself, to affect the room as a whole, remember, too, that contrast and definition can also be incorporated within the chair’s aesthetic. What you place on the chair can have just as much of a contrasting, defining effect in the room as, for example, where you choose to place the chair – or what color sofa you choose to pair it with. To keep the style of your chair’s design feeling tailored – to a contrasted, defined tee –, a throw blanket will do the trick! To contrast, make sure each piece is a different hue (a red blanket on a red chair, for instance, will not “pop.”) To define, remember, bolder is better. The more saturation, the more poppin’ your space will feel!

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