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Collection: Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Collection

Looking for the perfect piece — or pieces — to create your dream bedroom furniture collection? Choose from a vast selection of beds, dressers, chests, nightstands, bedroom benches, and occasional chairs to create a calm and cozy retreat. Mix and match unique pieces, or select items from a collection to complete your ideal bedroom set. For tips from our interior design experts, check out How to Furnish Your Bedroom. With a wide variety of affordable – yet luxurious – designs, it’s easy to add character and charm to a bedroom of any size.


Hit the sack on a beautiful, well-made panel bed and enjoy classic craftsmanship and comfort. These traditional beds feature a sleek design and the added height you’ll need to slip in and out of bed with ease.

Dressers and Chests

Looking for a stylish way to store and organize your clothes and accessories? Why not try a stacked chest of drawers or an extra-wide dresser? With several drawers and a flat top—perfect for displaying keepsakes or showcasing your TV—both dressers and chests are excellent options for bedroom storage.

Gentleman’s Chests

An elegant addition to any bedroom, a Gentleman’s Chest is the perfect storage solution for any man, woman, or child. With numerous drawers, adjustable shelves, and space to hang clothes and accessories, these well-crafted cabinets have plenty of space to store all of your apparel.


The best companion for a comfortable bed is a conveniently placed nightstand. Select from sleek, minimalistic stands or substantial styles with shelves and drawers for bedside storage. No matter the size or shape, a great nightstand will keep all of your essentials within arm’s reach.

Bedroom Benches, Chairs, and Lounges

Whether it’s a basic bench, a cozy chair, a chic chaise, or a sleek settee, an attractive seating area in the bedroom furniture space can greatly enhance your special space. Bedroom furniture seating adds another element of style and makes getting ready a breeze.

Bedroom Sets

Selecting a matching bedroom furniture collection makes your shopping experience simple and easy. Browse the collection and select the specific pieces you’ll need for your bedroom furniture. Curating your dream bedroom furniture aesthetic has never been easier.

Bedroom Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Browse our multi-purpose bedroom furniture to create a clean, clutter-free zone. Make the most your special space by placing a sleek storage bench at the foot of your bed, or by selecting a bed with built-in storage — ideal for storing extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. With a variety of smart, space-saving storage solutions, a streamlined sleeping sanctuary is just a few clicks away.

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